Your Newport Restaurant Career Path – FOH Edition

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The Real World I: Graduation


Whethery you banged college out in 4 years…or maybe 6-7, the important thing is that you’ve got your degree and you can start your “real” career.

Once you can find something in your field.

In a lot of fields, there isn’t much hiring in the summer, which is fine, because you might as well take advantage of “The Season” to stash some cash away. Labor Day arrives…and with it a few “real” job offers with words you might not have heard thrown around a lot in a restaurant, like “salary” and “sick days”, possibly “supplemental health insurance”. You put in your two weeks at the restaurant and started your “adult”…er…wait…no…”grown-up” career.

Sure the pay isn’t as much as you’re making now, but it’ll get better.


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