Your Newport Restaurant Career Path – FOH Edition

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Moving Up

Professional Waiter

So there you are, $x0,000 in tuition later, working your part-time college job full time. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean your life is sitting still. There’s still ways to advance. You can angle for more lucrative shifts or management positions…or become a bartender. You can move upscale…or to busier venues.

There’s also knowledge to acquire. There are amazing things happening throughout the food and beverage industries. You’ve got to keep up with fine wines as well as craft beer, liquor and cocktails. You also want to keep up with foodie trends, both around Newport, but also what’s happening around the world. With this knowledge comes confidence and with confidence comes better tips.

Of course, the important thing is that you can afford to support yourself at a job that can actually be pretty fun.


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