Our Newport Restaurant Week Recommendations – Fall 2016

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These are the dinner spots you want to check out this week!

I tried, I tried, I really did try. Same as last year, I went through all the menus for Fall Restaurant Week 2016, trying to make another top 10 menus list. Going through I started to get a sense of deja-vu…multiple times. It just seemed like a lot of restaurants were just using the same, or slightly tweaked versions of menus they put out last year. I get that chefs aren’t exactly thrilled, or particularly inspired to create a value menu for customers that normally wouldn’t step for through their door, but there are those of us who would love just a great interesting approachable menu, and if it has some supplemental charges, as long as they are worth it, great! For instance, if the only time your restaurant has flat iron steak, or bolognese on the menu is during Newport Restaurant Week, maybe it’s time to rethink your menu. So with that being said I went with the 7 best menus, and here they are…


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