Newport Lost & Found: Anyone Missing 8 Pounds of Marijuana?

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Missed connections: Were you supposed to meet Eric Rist with $15,000?

Were you expecting eight pounds of weed to show up to Newport on Wednesday? If you’re sitting around with $15,000 in cash, wondering where it got to, we have the answer. It’s in the evidence locker at the Newport Police Station. Patch reports that Eric Rist, 24, of Scituate, MA was arrested Wednesday after police received a tip-off that “large-scale marijuana distributor” was going to be in town.

Undercover officers were waiting for him after receiving a tip about a “large-scale marijuana distributor” selling in the City. Rist was charged with a felony narcotics offense (Delivering/ Possession with Intent to Deliver Marijuana, Schedule I and II drugs). Police also allege they intercepted Snapchat messages about the sale, which was supposed to be worth $15,000.

Now, for the police to say that they “intercepted” Snapchat messages is a bit of hyperbole, unless the city has a cyber-unit that’s capable of capturing and decrypting data packets travelling to and from Snapchat’s servers. The more likely scenario is that they had access to their snitch’s phone, which is a lot more like simply seizing the airfield where a plane is supposed to land than it is intercepting them in the air. Regardless, the end result is the same.

WTF is with lacrosse players in RI this week?

Eric Rist is the second former lacrosse player to find himself in serious legal trouple in Rhode Island this week, after Owen Morris, 21, of Warren was arrested for murdering Barrington chiropractor Clive Bridgham. Rist played for Scituate High School until he graduated in 2012. According to, he was ranked 97th in the state.

Rist has a history of violence, having been arrested and charged with assault and battery and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon at Merrimack College in a 2014 incident.

Why smuggle marijuana now?

There’s nothing more bizarre than watching states trying to figure out how to legalize and regulate marijuana while at the same time seeing people getting arrested for smuggling large quantities of the stuff to or from places where the drug has been decriminalized or legalized. Nothing screams criminal intent more that trying to make a fast buck off a substance when legalization looks like it’s right around the corner.

A poor career choice

For his role, Rist allegedly was paid $1,600 (or $200 a pound) to deliver the drugs.

$1600 is makes for a nice payday, but when you realize that you’re risking a felony charge for an 10.6% cut, it makes more sense to deliver pizzas (provided you’re not delivering to the Salve dorms). The cut is bigger and typically, a day’s work doesn’t involve a state-sponsored trip to Cranston.


If you’re wondering where your 8 pounds of weed got to, feel free to stop by 120 Broadway and make some inquiries.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Cannabis Correspondent

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