Newport Makes It Onto Barstool Sports For All The Wrong Reasons (Video)

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Bro gets tased, Snapped on Thames Street, lands on Barstool.

We’re just going to start this by saying that if you get yourself arrested on Thames Street in the summertime, you pretty much had to set out to get yourself put in jail. By that, we don’t mean do something illegal. We mean that you had to do something to get  the Newport Police Department to show up and then put them in a position where they had no other choice but  to arrest you. So lacking any other context, we’re guessing this guy did something wrong…

When you catch a dude trying to slide in your girl’s DMs

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So very Newport…

What’s impressive is how much Newport is crammed into 10 seconds of footage. You get to see so many familiar Newport sights…the cobblestones of Thames, the pedicabs, a crowd jeering at some guy writhing in pain on the street.

Speaking of Pedicabs…

We’re not sure what Heineken paid to wrap the pedicabs this year, but given the million+ views this bit got, we’re thinking they got their money’s worth.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Taser Correspondent

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