Newport, RI Featured On Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight…For No Apparent Reason

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Tucker Carlson discusses gender differences in college graduation rates…with stock footage of Bowens Wharf.

Newport, RI has a way of punching above its weight when it comes to media exposure. The city has served as the shooting location for lots of movies. When it comes to sports, it’s obviously a prime destination for America’s sailing community. There was even that time the Brick Alley Pub was featured in a Saturday Night Live skit. It makes sense to use footage of Newport when a producer needs to show a seaside community. Enter Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight.

So in March, taking a counter-point to Women’s History Month, Tucker Carlson did some segments titled “Men In America”, which examined how men are faring in this time of expanding female achievement. In an episode that aired March 28th, Carlson looked at the college graduation gap between men and women. He first established that more women are graduating with college degrees at all levels of higher education. Then, at the 1:52 mark, Tucker begins to discuss the difference in college graduation rates in non-white neighborhoods in Boston. A video montage begins to play, starting the one Newport location people think of when they hear “non-white”, the Clarke Cooke House. It’s followed by a few shots of moored sailboats, while delving into the college-graduation rates of African-American men vs African-American women and Hispanic men vs Hispanic women.

Just before delving into graduate degree stats, there’s a final shot from next to Kiel James Patrick’s Newport location, looking across America’s Cup Avenue towards two Newport institutions of higher alcohol tolerance and harder drinking studies, Speakeasy and Benjamin’s.

And that’s it. Everything else in the segment had some bearing on whatever was being discussed. There’s just 20 seconds of Bowens Wharf tossed in, just for fun. In theory any exposure is good exposure, right?

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast 24-Hour Cable News Correspondent

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