Newport, RI Lobster Roll Makes America’s Top 30

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StyleCaster lists the nation’s best lobster rolls, includes a downtown mainstay.

It seems like it was just yesterday when we were writing about another local restaurant’s lobster roll being listed among New England’s best, but that was actually on Monday.

This time around an outfit called StyleCaster has come up with their list of the nation’s top 30 lobster rolls, based on their specific criteria.

Because chunks of lobster meat drizzled with butter or covered in mayo and served in a bun couldn’t be trendier right now, there are plenty of new and improved options from West Hollywood to Atlanta.

Here, our picks for the 30 best lobster rolls around the country. How did we come up with this list? Restaurant’s using the freshest lobster available scored points with us, and the quantity of lobster served on the roll was also important. The bun the lobster is served in, along with how the lobster is dressed (for instance lots of mayo, or no mayo at all) also played a role.

So which Newport restaurant made it into the list?

Brick Alley Pub

The Brick Alley Pub

The lobster roll’s at this Newport staple come brimming with meat that has been tossed with mayo and Brick Alley’s “secret sauce.” After your first taste of this lobster roll, you’ll be hooked.

Congrats to Matt and the crew!

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Lobster Correspondent

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