The Perfect New Years Eve Event For Those Wanting To Think Warm Thoughts

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If you’re making plans for New Years Eve in Newport, RI, there’s a great way to make sub-zero temps feel positively tropical.

If we’re going to be brutally honest, the weather forecast for the couple weeks literally blows…freezing air everywhere you don’t want it to go. Fortunately, New Years Eve there’s a great way to escape all that and put yourself in a more equatorial state of mind. This New Years Eve, Newport is getting a tiki party. That’s right, you’ll be thinking straw skirts and coconut bras in no time, once you’ve downed a couple rum cocktails at…

Let’s play a little guessing game…

Here’s your first hint:

Tiki Rum Cocktails Newport, RI Revolving Door

The overproof (135ยบ or 67.5% ABV) Widows Walk Rum by Newport Distilling will be making some generous appearances at one of Newport’s top cocktail spots. How good a spot?

Well, let’s just say that its bartenders have won Newport’s Cocktail Wars bartending tournament not once, not twice…

Three Time Winner Of Newport Cocktail Wars The Revolving Door

…but a record three times (in five seasons).

Still stumped?

Well, just imagine that you’re sipping on these cocktails on New Years Eve.

Then ask yourself, “What was the restaurant that the Newport chef who just appeared on The Today Show was at?”

Give up?

Fine. Here’s your cheat code.

Want to keep playing?

Or do you think you know the answer?

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