Newport, RI-Born ‘Night Court’ Actor Has Passed Away

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Harry Anderson, born in Newport, RI on Oct. 14, 1952, has died at 65.

Harry Anderson, best known for his role as Judge Harry T. Stone on Night Court, has passed away in Asheville, North Carolina at the age of 65. Mr. Anderson was born in Newport, RI, but soon moved to Los Angeles, where he graduated from Hollywood High School. Drawn to the art of magic at a young age, and was performing as a street magician in San Francisco when he was 17.

Harry Anderson Night Court Newport RI

Anderson made several appearances on Saturday Night Live in the early ’80s. After appearing on Cheers, Anderson made an impression on some television producers, who hired him for the role of Judge Harry Stone on Night Court, despite Anderson’t lack of actual acting experience. Fortunately, for Harry, he had a 5-year contract signed before the studio realized that he couldn’t really act. Despite this inexperience, Anderson was a quick study. The fact that they named his character after him also helped him pick up his cues.

Night Court ran from 1984-92. Anderson then appeared on Dave’s World, a sitcom based on Dave Barry, which ran from 1993 to 1997. He re-united with co-star John Larroquette on the The John Larroquette Show in 1996 and again with several other Night Court cast members in an unofficial reunion on an episode of 30 Rock.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast TV Correspondent

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