Newport, RI Parade Day Drinking Game

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This probably won’t get you drunk any faster than you would normally, but it will let you have more fun doing it.

The people who need motivation to drink on Parade Day are few and far between. It’s rare for someone to be at the parade and not be willing put an alcoholic beverage to their face.
Wake Up – 1 Drink
Take A Shower – 1 Drink
Someone says “Breakfast” – 1 Drink
For every green item of clothing you put on – 1 Drink
You put on a kilt – Finish your drink.

Leave your house before:
10am – 1 drink
9am – 2 drinks
8am – 3 drinks

Pay a cover:

$10 – 1 drink
$20 – 2 drinks
$30 – 3 drinks

Someone offers you a Jell-O shot: Drink it

You see someone drinking wine: 1 Drink

You’re at the bar with a fireman:

doug randall St patricksYou both drink

Someone plays bagpipes: 1 Drink

The parade starts: 1 Drink

It’s raining: 2 Drinks
You don’t recognize a Parade VIP: 1 Drink

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