Newport, RI’s Most Exciting Chef Competition Returns (Video)

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J/22’s Christophe Jalbert faced off against ‘Chopped’ Champ Marcellus Coleman at The Revolving Door Restaurant in the first week of Battle Chefs III.

One of the things we love about the off-season in Newport is how it gives businesses the room, time and incentive to get creative. Our city spends ~4.5 months “in the weeds” and most of us have a great time throughout, but no one gets much time to sit down, ponder and think outside the box.

The Revolving Door Restaurant on Lower Thames is the perfect spot to take everyone out of their comfort zone. It has an open kitchen, making it one of the few venues in town capable of hosting a chef competition in front of a live audience. The whole concept of constantly rotating guest chefs doesn’t allow the regular staff to rest on their laurels. It was there that owner Albert Bouchard and Kevin Gaudreau hashed through the concept of “Battle Chefs”. While the idea of a chef competition wasn’t exactly groundbreaking at that point (there’s a whole TV channel that does little else), that didn’t mean that there wasn’t a lot to work out before it could become a success.

Now, with Battle Chefs starting its third season, it appears that a success is exactly what it has become. Kevin Gaudreau has come into his own as the event MC. A chef in his own right with almost 40 years in the kitchen, Kevin keeps the excitement up while the competing chefs struggle to make a dish with a bizarre combination of ingredients.

In the past, the surprise ingredients have been “octopus and chocolate”, “beef heart and sole” (get it?), “pig feet & squab”. This season’s premiere’s secret ingredients? Venison, cornbread…and black licorice.

The competitors:

Christophe Jalbert

Christophe Jalbert

Christophe is the chef of Jamestown’s new restaurant, J/22 Tap & Table.

Marcellus Coleman

Marcellus Coleman

A winner of the cooking competition show “Chopped”, Marcellus has been a guest chef at The Revolving Door…and has been making an impression across the country, from Cambridge to DC to Illinois.

Who won?

You’ll have to watch the video to see who took the night (by 1 point).

Next Week…

November 10th, Battle Chefs has a hometown fight on its hands, as Midtown Oyster Bar‘s James Mitchell faces off against Rhode Island’s youngest executive chef, Malt on Broadway‘s Matt Reilly.

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-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Battle Correspondent

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