Rogue Island Comedy Festival Headliner Announced (And He’s A Really Big Deal)

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He’s appeared in Deadpool, Cloverfield, How to Train Your Dragon, Transformers: Age of Extinction…and now he’s coming to Newport.

Comedian Doug Key has done an amazing job of bringing great comedians to Newport, both for his monthly Wasted Talent Show, and for the annual Rogue Island Comedy Festival. But this year, he and the rest of the Rogue Island crew (Rebecca Killian, Rob Greene and Katie Latimer) have gone above and beyond, getting someone who just made headlines by quitting a show.

This October, The Rogue Island Comedy Festival welcomes…

T.J. Miller Newport Rogue Island Comedy Festival

T.J. Miller!

You know you’ve made it when you get named as part of an upcoming TV show or movie…but you know you’re white hot when you make headlines when you bail on an incredibly successful show. T.J. Miller did just that when he announce that he will not return to HBO’s Silicon Valley.

What got a little less exposure than his SV departure is his stand-up tour, which has him off in Ireland next week. (Heads up if you’re in Kilkenny June 4-5)

If you want to attend the Rogue Island Comedy Festival at the Jane Pickens Theater and see T.J. Miller, we’ve got some bad news and some good news…

The Bad News: Tickets aren’t available at this time. (Actually they are now)

The Good News: If you go the the Rogue Island Comedy Festival website, you can sign up for the e-mail announcement of when tickets will be made available. (UPDATE: Or buy them now)

Stay tuned for more announcements about the Rogue Island Comedy Festival as the organizers get more acts booked and it’s no longer a Newport summer season away. We’ll see if they get any more matching tattoos.

-Tristan Pinnock. Blast Comedy Correspondent

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