Newport Storm Introduces World’s First Barrel-Aged Non-Alcoholic Beer

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“WateRfIre” shows how Rhode Island continues to bring innovation to the craft beer world.

Newport Storm has just announced the release of its latest new beer, WateRfIre Barrel-Aged Non-Alcoholic.

Derek Luke 1Newport Storm Brewmaster Derek Luke explained the story behind the beer:

We were in the brewery late one night, back in January, drinking quite a bit of beer and a LOT of Thomas Tew when I declared that Thomas Tew makes every beer better. As there often is around there, someone had to be a smartass and there was a little bit of a debate, a lot more drinking, then a challenge was made. At least, that’s how we think it went down.

A few weeks ago, we discovered an out of place Thomas Tew rum barrel we had been saving for our next barrel-aging experiment. Next to it were 4 1/2 barrel kegs of O’Douls Amber, Buckler, Clausthaler and Becks Non-Alcoholic. After checking our phone and text logs, we ascertained that someone threw down the gauntlet and asked if barrel-aging would even make non-alcoholic beer taste good.

So the rum barrel was filled with 4 kegs worth of non-alcoholic beer and left to age with a handwritten note that said “Don’t open until April 1 :-)”, which is a bit odd because when most people write things by hand, they make a normal smiley-face, not the emoticon.

Well, they cheated and opened that sucker up a week early so they’d have any idea what they were in for.

To be honest, we christened it “Waterfire” because it’s the opposite of “Firewater”. There’s a whole lot more “water” than it is “fire”…plus, you know, the whole Rhode Island thing. Not to sound immodest here, but this is probably the best non-alcoholic beer ever created. That said, I never want to drink the stuff again.

Asked why anyone might buy a bottle of “Waterfire”, Derek shrugged and mumbled about Untappd checkins…and something about “lot of weirdos out there”.

As for his plans for the future?

I’m going to keep making great rum and great beer. Apparently I also need to tell my friends and family that no matter how much I beg, I never actually want non-alcoholic beer for anything ever.

Now for the most important part of the story…


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