Newport White Party 2017: Better Than Ever!!!

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Last year’s Newport White Party was off the hook, but 2017 is the best yet!

An event that started back in 2011 among a few friends, the Newport White Party has kept growing in every aspect. Each year, there are more people, more tickets sold, more sponsors, and more great causes supported. This is an event that originally took place in a Spring Street apartment when JP Smollins and Adam Minoli invited over a few friends and within a few years outgrew not only all of the hosts’ residences, but the Hotel Viking’s Top of Newport rooftop bar as well. Fortunately, the lawn of the Newport Harbor Hotel, overlooking its marina, has been spacious enough for the last two parties.

The Sponsors

Moet & Chandon

Newport loves champagne, so when in Rome…enjoy some bubbly. Order your own Moet & Chandon here.

Tito’s Vodka

It’s amazing in this market that a simple, unflavored vodka would sell so well, but Tito’s has done an amazing job. You should already know the stuff, but if you need more info or want some delivered, take a look at Tito’s Homemade Vodka.

Supporting Charities

Maryann Williams, Newport White Party

Trish Russo & Maryann Williams

As much fun as everyone has at these parties, there is a more serious side to them. The Newport White Parties are fundraisers for a growing number of charities. The first was the Heather Abbott Foundation, which helps amputees obtain prosthetic limbs. The second was Boston Strong, New York Tough, an organization that helps the families of cancer victims with the incidental expenses that come with treatment.

This year, there was a new cause that was near and dear to everyone’s hearts as White Party regular Maryann Williams was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer.

The Party

A great time is always had by all at the Newport White Party, but it can be a challenge to find anyone in particular in a crowd where everyone is wearing a uniform color. It’s hardly the end of the world though. You just have to talk to some other pretty ladies as you make your rounds.

It helps to have some photography knowledge, as a lot of people are going to ask you to take a photo of them with the sunset behind them which makes things…challenging. (Turning on the flash helps a little.)

Later on, for reasons that have nothing to do with this particular party, the Navy likes to shoot off a bunch of fireworks, so that always adds something to the background.

After the party is done, everyone rolls out into downtown Newport with outfits that now declare “I just came from the ultimate pre-gaming session!!!”

We can’t wait until next year’s. If you missed this years, you can’t blame us! Hope you can make it to the next one!

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Party Correspondent

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