Newport Woman Arrested After Middletown Murder

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Lavern Price, 49, of 102 Park Holm, Newport; and Todd Sullo, 41 of 80 Robbins St., Providence were caught after a high-speed chase in Connecticut.

Tuesday afternoon, Middletown Police were called to the Quality Inn in Middletown after the body of Mark J. Lussier, 51, of Mount Pleasant, SC was discovered half submerged in a bathtub. Mr. Lussier was declared deceased by the Middletown fire department.

Newport Patch then reports:

Detectives secured the crime scene and processed the room. They learned that Lussier occupied the room with two other people, identified as Lavern Price, 49, of 102 Park Holm, Newport; and Todd Sullo, 41 of 80 Robbins St., Providence.

Detectives soon discovered, with some help from the Providence Police Department and U.S. Marshalls Office, that both suspects were in New York City.

“Autopsy results confirmed that the victim’s cause of death was a homicide and arrest warrants were issued for both Ms. Price and Mr. Sullo,” said Middletown Police Lt. Jason Ryan in a news release.

The suspects then left New York, apparently heading back to Rhode Island on Route 95. It was tracked by law enforcement until Connecticut state troopers tried to make a stop near Exit 60, which is located in Madison, Connecticut.


Price and Sullo attempted to flee, but lost control of Lussier’s car and crashed, at which point they were promptly arrested.

A quick glance into Todd Sullo’s records has revealed an extensive rap sheet…

Todd Sullo Rap Sheep…with all the domestic assaults, robbery and larceny charges we look for in the people we like to share our community with.

Laverne Price’s criminal record pales by comparison, with some arrests in the 1996 and then a shoplifting charge from last year.

Middletown Police will be holding a press conference Friday morning to provide more details about the murder, the suspects and the victim.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Crime Correspondent

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