Newport’s Cliff Walk And The Breakers: The Video Tour

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Newport Tour Guide Betty Czech takes you through Newport, RI’s biggest attractions.

If one were pressed to name Newport’s single biggest attraction, there are two likely answers; the Cliff Walk and the Breakers. Sure, there’s plenty of other places to visit or take a look at, but those are consistently the highest-rated (though they aren’t entirely without detractors).

Now, for those who don’t frequent Newport or make it your home…or perhaps those of you who have never visited the city before, this quick video does a great job of describing and demonstrating the natural and man-made beauty that draws so many to the City-By-The-Sea.

The Cliff Walk

Cliff Walk Newport, RI

Photo Credit: Victoria Leiter Mele
@vlmele on Instagram

When setting off on the Cliff Walk from Memorial Boulevard, there are two things to notice. The biggest being the view, which is one of the best you’ll see anywhere, but also of The Chandler, recently named America’s most romantic hotel.

If you look out over the world, you’ll notice that while a whole 29% of the planet’s surface is land, human beings, for the most part, are really interested in living on the spots that meet the water. While anthropologists and the like can give you a fine and dandy functional explanation for why this happens, we’re going to point to the Cliff Walk (the the Gilded Age mansions built beyond it) as evidence that we are drawn to the beauty of the collision of land and the sea.

The Breakers

Speaking of Gilded Age mansions, a visit to Newport to see the attractions without seeing The Breakers is a trip to DC without seeing The Capitol Building. This building, 125,339 square feet of opulence, is the kind of monument to wealth and capitalism so impressive that even the most ardent class-warrior will defend it (on historic grounds).

There is that funny moment when, as a Newporter, you realize that most people don’t have a Gilded Age mansion a few minute walk from their house. In reality, most don’t have one in their state. Fortunately, for those unfortunate Americans (and other poor souls across the globe with a lack of local mansions), they can come to Newport to visit and tour our mansions, or, failing that, they can watch the above video and have a taste of what they’re missing.

As Rhode Island tourist attractions go, this is the big boy with 400,000 annual visitors (plus a few more gawking from the Cliff Walk). That said, we could always use a few more.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Tourism Correspondent

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