Newport’s Closed Boat Yard/Barking Crab Location Is Going To Re-Open As…

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Does this name sound vaguely familiar?

There’s a big restaurant in the Brick Market Place at 151 Swinburne Row. Way back when, before our time, it was Dave & Eddy’s. Then it was Sea Fare’s American Cafe. Then that closed. Then it was The Barking Crab’s Newport location. Then that died, and out of its ashes rose The Boatyard…for most of a season. It closed abruptly last September.

Now we’ve heard from multiple sources that it’s about to re-open. Hopefully, the fifth time’s the charm for…

The Brickyard

The Brickyard is a great name for a restaurant in Newport, because if you can get half of the tourists who mispronounce “Brick Alley Pub” to go there, it’s a license to print money. It can be the Newport version of McDowell’s.

All kidding aside, the spot does have potential. Its location does present some odd challenges for a restaurant that’s centrally located and very visible in the heart of downtown Newport, but those can be easily overcome if the restaurant itself can compete with the rest of Newport’s constantly improving restaurant scene.

When will it open? No idea. Stand by to stand by.

UPDATE: The powers that be have apparently reconsidered the name and have decided to go in another direction.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Restaurant Correspondent

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