Newport’s Cutest Collection Of Salt-N-Pepper Shakers

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We sat down for lunch on Broadway, looked around and discovered we were surrounded by something amazing.

Newport’s Broadway is well known for being the quirkier part of town. It’s not nearly as polished as Bellevue and doesn’t have the mainstream appeal of Thames. It is a lot of fun, especially if you enjoy things a little off kilter.

We’ve already written about the idiosyncrasies of Broadway bar decor. What we weren’t expecting is to write about salt and pepper shakers. That said, never underestimate Broadway’s ability to be a bit more interesting.

We sat down at one of Broadway’s newest eateries and saw this:


A truck and camper? Nifty.

Then we took a glimpse around and realized that it was merely par for what was on the other tables.

This one is perfect for adding a little flavor for your Scooby snacks:


There’s a salt…and battery.


(You might need to say that one out loud.)

These two are a bit less…well, appetizing. Just don’t think about it too hard while you’re eating.


So where can you find all these and more?


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