Newport’s Mad Bomber Busted: Our Guess As To How

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How did Rhode Island State Police bust a Roger High School student?

This morning, Rhode Island State Police announced that they arrested a suspect after a rash of bomb threats were made across the state.

Colonel Steven G. O’Donnell, Superintendent of the Rhode Island State Police and Commissioner of Public Safety and Newport Police Chief Gary T. Silva, announce the arrest of a sixteen- (16) year-old Newport juvenile, who is being charged with fifteen (15) counts of bomb threats and similar false reports, two (2) counts of extortion and blackmail and one charge of access to a computer for fraudulent purposes.

Over the past two months several jurisdictions within the State of Rhode Island have received bomb threats to various schools and private businesses. The threats have resulted in school and business evacuations, disruptions and the inordinate use of law enforcement and fire service resources both within the state and outside the state. Threats were made to the following local municipalities: Providence, Bristol, Newport, Warwick, East Providence, Cranston, Tiverton and Middletown. On Friday, February 12, 2016, State Police Detectives and investigators from the Rhode Island State Police Computer Crimes Unit, along with Detectives from the Newport Police Department, interviewed and arrested a sixteen- (16) year-old Rogers High School student for the alleged involvement with the threats. The investigation continues for other accomplices allegedly involved in the scheme. The juvenile was held at the Rhode Island Training School and will appear before the Family Court on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 for a bail hearing.

The last anything was reported the threats had been traced back to Russia, but…courtesy of the Russians being “uncooperative” on the matter, local police were unable to move forward on the case.

We have an alleged Russian cyber-gang calling itself Evacuation Squad and offering to deliver anonymous bomb threats for anyone who wants to use them. Statements by the group indicated that their services were available for free, but there would be a fee at later date.

So they’re essentially the Constant Contact of, to steal a term from Sherlock, “consulting criminals”.

They were tied to bomb threats made around the world, which for many people was scary, but presented an upside. Namely, the group might be capable of making thousands of bomb threats…but there’s no way that they were capable of planting that many bombs. In fact, there was no evidence that they could plant a single device, let alone thousands of them.

Then came the snow…


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