Newport’s Mad Bomber Busted: Our Guess As To How

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Monday, February 1, a bomb threat was made against Rogers High School. Tuesday, another threat was made. Wednesday, another bomb threat. Thursday, another bomb threat. THEN…February 5th was a snow day.

And that’s when everyone got curious. If another threat was made, with school cancelled, it would indicate that the entity making the threats was not local and was likely using a mostly automated system to make hundreds of threats across the world. On the other hand, if a threat wasn’t made, then it meant that whoever made the threats was at least paying attention to local news, if not located nearby.

So people were asking whether any bomb threats were made on the Friday…or the following Monday, when there was also a snow day. The authorities didn’t announce any threats had been made, which they really didn’t need to, as even if threats had been made, they would have been against empty buildings.

More likely, though, was that the threats weren’t made, tipping off the authorities that their suspect was local.

Another clue was the other communities who had threats made against them. As Rhode Island communities go, Newport is pretty well known internationally. It wouldn’t take much for a foreign hacker to think of the city, google its school numbers and schedule a robocall every day for a week or so.

But what about Providence, Bristol, Warwick, East Providence, Cranston, Tiverton and Middletown? Threats were made against those schools in what looks like an ad hoc fashion, which is unlikely for an international hacker out to make a name for himself. Once again, if someone operating internationally was going to go to the trouble of looking up the phone numbers of all those schools, they wouldn’t just use them once or twice while hitting Newport every day.

So Rogers High School becomes the focus of the investigation, starting with the disenfranchised weirdos with no apparent means of validation.

Once the police think they’ve found the guy, arrest him, hold him, get a search warrant for his computer and away you go.

Let the mocking begin…

Now, regardless if how it went down is anywhere close to what was described above, there is nothing impressive about these acts. We’ve seen no evidence that there’s anything to be afraid of. The individual who committed these acts basically proved capable of the equivalent of scheduling Facebook posts, which is about as intimidating as…scheduling Facebook posts.

Given the actions committed, we can only assume that there are some physical inadequacies being compensated for.

The last thing the community needs to do is to remain fearful. That only creates the validation this little cretin was looking for and encourages copycat behavior. So let us do as many have done on Facebook and call him an idiot…or treat him like an immature child who is acting out and simply ignore him.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Hoax Correspondent

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