Newport’s Revolving Door Hits The Rhode Show

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Chef Josh Berman embraces squash season while Mixologist Jason Kindness goes colonial with his newest cocktail.

Newport’s Revolving Door restaurant was featured on the Rhode Show this morning and did a great job of making Rhode Island feel damn hungry (and a little thirsty). Chef Josh Berman was on hand to cook up some pan-seared scallops, made with locally-sourced squash and a whole lot of love. Premiere Newport Bartender Jason Kindness was also on hand with a new signature cocktail, the Shanghai Shrub, a beverage with its roots in, well, the Colonial period of our nation.

True to the Revolving Door’s reputation for bringing cutting edge concepts of the culinary world to Newport, Josh also announced the Revolving Door’s new “Battle Chefs” concept where eight local chefs battle it out mano-a-mano in front of their customers.

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We’ll be stopping by Revolving Door to get some more details…over a few of Jason’s amazing cocktails. Hope to see you there.

Tristan Pinnock, Blast Restaurant Correspondent

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