Newport’s Top Five Craft Beer Bars

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The beer selection at Norey’s is absolutely insane. The owner Tyler doesn’t even like to use the term “craft beer” to describe what he has on offer.

Live Music and craft beer at Norey's Newport

Norey’s features a variety of live music on Wednesday nights, then live jazz on Thursdays.

To be a young adult who’s into the craft beer scene and to walk into Norey’s is like being a car guy, playing Gran Turismo for the first time and learning that there are hundreds of amazing cars that you’ve never even heard of let alone seen in the US. In car terms, it’s like having a Koenigsegg and Spyker dealership on Broadway.

The bars twenty taps (and one cask) are filled with offerings from breweries most people have never heard of like To Øl, Nøgne Ø, Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes (BFM) and Birra Del Borgo. Expect a few sours, often from such small projects as B. United’s Zymatore line.

Norey's Trappist Ale Tap Takeover

Prepping for Norey’s Trappist Beer Tap Takeover last month.

Norey’s likes to host massive tap-takeovers, taking the concept back to its origin. Way back when, a brewery would take over all of a bars tap lines with their beers. As bars increase the number of taps, the full tap takeover has become less and less common, because not many breweries have 20+ different beers to offer up for such an event and most bars don’t want to spend a few weeks waiting for one brewery’s beers to sell off before they can return to a normal selection. In the recent past, Norey’s has hosted full tap-takeovers by brewers like Mikkeller and Dogfish Head.

Norey’s can be a little quirky at times. It’s only got a Beer & Wine license, there’s a no-hat policy, they don’t watch sports on the TV and the place is closed on Sundays…but for people looking for an eye-opening beer experience, this is the place to go.


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