Newport’s Worst Drivers: CAUGHT ON TAPE

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Even if you think you know how bad drivers can be around on Aquidneck Island, you’re going to want to watch this video.

One Newporter with one dash cam compiled a video of all the terrible driving he’s witnessed this summer…and there’s way too much of it. As you’ll see when you watch it, some of the worst offenders are actually the “professional” drivers who are operating vehicles for a living.

This is 10 minutes of drivers “doing it wrong”, which is pretty insane for one guy to have witnessed in about two months.

We’ve already go into great depth on the two reason why people drive the wrong way up a Newport one-way. However, there’s so much terrible driving going on here that there’s no rational explanation for it except to say that some people are just terrible drivers, either by omission or by malice.

So, Peter, if everyone could just go ahead and try to pay attention out there and not be a dick, that would be great. Thanks.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Traffic Correspondent

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