And More Of Newport’s Worst Drivers (Video)

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Someone you know is one of the drivers in this video.

The creator of “Bad Drivers Of Newport” has had a rough month, at least according to his dash cam. If you’ve been running stop signs or red lights, cutting people off, struggling to comprehend the rotary, or otherwise been a menace on the roads of Newport, Middletown or Portsmouth, there’s a good chance that he was the person you were putting at risk…and he’d like you to know about it.

Especially because we can’t put the blame on a bunch of New Yorkers anymore. Most of them have gone home. Now our streets are mostly filled with people who live here.

So, accompanied by such a unique soundtrack of NPR, gangsta rap and Journey, here’s 20 minutes of people driving incorrectly all around Aquidneck Island.

We can’t wait to welcome fleets of self-driving cars and their Uber overlords. As you watch people sitting there and ignoring their green light for over a minute, you realize that when it comes to driving, our hearts really aren’t in it anymore.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Traffic Correspondent

Tristan's just this guy, ya know?