The Nightmare That Is Newport Boat Show Parking

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Everything related to boating is more expensive. EVERYTHING.

The season is over. At least, that’s how everybody described it a week and a half ago as Labor Day came to an end. To which anyone involved in the town’s parking industry said “not quite”. You see, while most of the town experiences the Newport Boat Show as a last gasp of summer, for parking lot owners and attendants, it’s the World Series, Stanley Cup and Super Bowl combined.

Why is it so crazy?

There’s a big shift in both the supply and demand curves. If you look over at The Mooring’s parking lot, you’re going to see a big white tent where a bunch of cars used to be. Hell, these days, what was the Newport Yachting Center has been left as a parking lot…except for the week of the Newport Boat Show, when the massive tent is resurrected, returning the location to its former glory.

So, there’s a lot less parking spots available downtown so supply is a little tight.

Demand goes completely nuts. Why? Because most of the people exhibiting and most of the people going to the exhibits are coming in from out of town. That’s a lot of vehicles to fit into Newport’s reduced parking capacity.


Everyone’s rich. Or, at least, they better be if they’re looking to park downtown. Newport is full of luxuries not everyone can afford. It’s part of what makes the town so sexy. It just so happens that this weekend, parking downtown is now one of those luxuries.

The Outrage

“Well, we tried $50 but it turns out that even someone driving a McLaren has limits…”

Photo Credit: Ben J Bierce

Photo Credit: Ben J Bierce

Now, we’re sure that a few people might find it outrageous that lots might charge $40 in advance for all day parking. These free market haters should take solace in the fact that even if they wanted to spend the money and park their Prius, the lots are going to be full all day regardless. Just stick your car over by Wal-Mart and Uber it in.


Oh. Wait. Nevermind.

The Acceptance

It’s been said that you can get the same experience as owning a boat by sitting in a cold shower while you tear up $50 bills. If you’re in the market for a boat…or you’re looking to sell a boat, or thinking of buying an accessory for a boat $40 is a drop in the ocean. It might buy you a used swim ladder.

It Will All Be Over Soon

Take a deep breath and realize that this might not be the best weekend to return that shirt to The Gap. There’s always next weekend…and about 50 others that aren’t the craziest parking crises of the year. Try it then.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Parking Correspondent

Tristan's just this guy, ya know?