ODBC Playlist #1

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Perfect for when you hit Newport’s Ocean Drive and do…whatever it is you do.

Yes friends, that’s right, we went ahead and did it! The official Newport Blast “ODBC Playlist!” We figured if Newport’s going to have an official cruising road, then we might as well make an official cruising playlist. We’re going to be updating this thing weekly, and leaving up the previous weeks playlists, so don’t worry about anything getting stale, or losing any of your old favorites. Each week will be an eclectic mix of music across most genres, (I don’t foresee much trap, or electronic bluegrass dance music, sorry!) but please, don’t feel bad if you don’t like a song. With around 30 songs each week, there is plenty of room to skip around, find what you like, and enjoy that cruise.

Here are this week’s notable tracks:

To kick things off we’ve got a blast from the past, especially for those of us who grew up during the genesis of Nickelodeon. “Hey Sandy” by Polaris, may not ring any bells, but if you were an avid watcher of “The Adventures of Pete and Pete” there’s no way you wont recognize this catchy little ditty.

Around the track six mark, you’ll see a one hit wonder from 1996 called “Whoever You Are” by Geggy Tah. This is the perfect song to drive around with a carful of people playing instruments as their music video clearly portrays. Although I will admit, I have seen crazier things happen on an ODBC.

A little more than halfway through, we have the Eagles of Metal’s “I Love You All the Time.” A song that the band is donating all of their publishing income towards relief for the Paris attacks. This song will get stuck in your head for days, and you’ll still come back for more.

We’ve also got classics from The Allman Brothers, Deep Purple, Devo, Agent Orange, and The Violent Femmes. Bands you’ve probably never heard of like Nobunny, Delta Spirit, and Ghostland Observatory. Plus brand new tracks from Wolfmother, Santigold, a track from Danzig’s new album of covers, and Redman sampling a Licensed to Ill era Beastie Boys song, almost to death. Still worth a listen though.

Check out our Thanksgiving Survival Playlist as well if you missed that one.

But enough of these words, let’s let the music speak for itself. Rock on my friends.

Dennis Hofer was born in Newport Hospital. If you don't know him, someone you know does. He's a master of loading Pez Dispensers, self proclaimed connoisseur of chicken parm sandwiches, and always good for a joke or six. If you see him drinking a hefeweizen, please tell him to just go home. High fives for reading this far.