ODBC Playlist #2

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Enjoy this weekend’s surprisingly warm weather and cruise the Ocean Drive.

Welcome back to the second edition of the ODBC playlist, if you missed our inaugural playlist, check it out now, and make sure you pass it along… This is something that I will be doing every week. If you already have Spotify, this is just another reason to listen, and if you don’t, you should seriously get on that. Have a listen, you never know, you might just find your new favorite song!

Here are this week’s notable tracks:

This week I had to include some tracks from Scott Weiland. I was a child of the 90’s and Stone Temple Pilots’ second album “Purple” was the first, of many, CDs that I ever bought. The first song I included from them, “Still Remains,” is probably my favorite track on “Purple.” It’s not a single, so it’s not played out, but still showcases their strengths as a band. Next track from Scott Weiland is “Set Me Free,” by the supergroup Velvet Revolver. I’d say with all the troubles he had in his personal life, that title alone needs no explanation. The final song I chose to commemorate the late singer was STP’s final single released as a band, “All In The Suit That You Wear,” which was originally intended for the first Spider Man soundtrack, but after not being guaranteed as the film’s anthem, was shelved and released on their greatest hits album instead.

Aside from our Scott Weiland tribute, we’ve got some other great songs for you this week. “Wild International” by One Day as a Lion, is a side project from Rage Against the Machine’s Zach De La Rocha, and the Drummer from The Mars Volta. I almost forgot this song even existed, it’s the lead off track, so make sure to crank the volume early.

I also decided to incorporate some stand up this week, I went with the track “Niggers vs. The Police” by Richard Pryor. I figured if I’m going to include some standup, the first one better be from a comedy legend. It doesn’t get much more legendary than Pryor. And I made sure to keep it short and sweet, to act as a little palate cleanser between the tunes.

I even included a few tracks that I’d never even heard before this week,; “Alive & Amplified” by The Mooney Suzuki, is such a fun track, with just the right amount of rocking. “Call Me” is an amazing neo-soul song from a band called St.Paul and the Broken Bones. This is one of my favorite songs that I’ve discovered recently. And finally “I’ll Cut You Down” by Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats is perfect for anyone looking to get their stoner rock on. This song deserves to be cranked at full volume driving as fast as you legally can. 

There’s also classics from Madonna, Eminem and Dr. Dre, Steel Pulse, Run DMC & Aerosmith, Jane’s Addiction, The New York Dolls, Dilated Peoples feat. Kanye, and even The Flaming Lips, literally something for everyone.

But enough of these words, let’s let the music speak for itself. Crank it up, and rock on my friends.

Dennis Hofer was born in Newport Hospital. If you don't know him, someone you know does. He's a master of loading Pez Dispensers, self proclaimed connoisseur of chicken parm sandwiches, and always good for a joke or six. If you see him drinking a hefeweizen, please tell him to just go home. High fives for reading this far.