Oh Look, Aaron Hernandez Got Himself A Neck Tattoo

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However will he get himself a real job now?

There was a time (probably up until about 20-25 years ago) when tattoos were something that placed you outside of normal society. Getting a tattoo was either a sign that you were part of the military…or some kind of outlaw, either literally or figuratively.

Obviously, times have changed and tattoos are now pretty well accepted. For a while, people would want to keep them in “professional” locations, so they could be covered by a t-shirt…or alternatively, they’d accept that they’d have to wear long sleeves at work for the rest of their lives.

Now even that is out the window. You can have pretty much as much ink as you want and, for the most part, anyone under 50 will shrug.

There is still one area where someone can get a tattoo and it lets everyone know that they’re just flipping off society…and that’s anywhere north of the collar line. So after the people of Massachusetts told Hernandez that his behavior didn’t fit within their standards and they were going to stick him in a cell for the rest of his life, he responded by getting a prison tat reading “Lifetime”…something…something on the side of his neck.


As we said yesterday, prison is a great place for Hernandez. It really allows him to be himself.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Bad Ink Correspondent

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