On Tuesday, April 14th, Newport Will See The Biggest Indication Yet That SPRING IS HERE!!!

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On April 1st, Frosty Freeze opened. Now the second part of the springtime ice cream reaction is about to achieve critical mass.

We’ll be the first to admit that spring was on a bit of a holding pattern until…well, this past weekend. In theory, if you look at a calendar, we’re almost a month into springtime, but the the rest of our senses were in solid disagreement with the possibility that we were in a new, warmer season.

Fortunately, (as best as we can tell) all the snow has melted, the temperatures have slowly risen…and flowers are slowly starting to blossom.

So there’s a two-part reaction that takes place when it comes to one particular kind of food on Aquidneck Island, namely “ice cream”.  So on April 1st, the first part of the reaction takes place, as Frosty Freeze opens its doors to massive lines of people desperate for physical proof that winter has indeed passed.

The second is a bit more, as the island goes, Newport-centric and, this year, takes place on April 14th.

Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day!

So all you little hippies have just a few hours to score enough weed to make sure you have enough munchies to ensure that you can simply rotate through the lines from noon all the way until 8pm.

free cone day


And just a little reminder that the participating location in Newport is the Ben & Jerry’s located at 359 Thames Street, not the Bannisters Wharf location.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Season Correspondent

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