How One Chapel Terrace Woman Got Everyone Arrested, Including Herself (Twice In Three Hours)

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The 24-year old mother of three, her step-father and one of her baby-daddies had a very bad day Monday.

People get arrested. It happens. It’s typically not the end of the world. It doesn’t even half to mean that you did something wrong…or that the charges won’t be dismissed. However, if you get arrested twice on the same day, it’s likely time to start reevaluating how you’re going about living your life. If as a chain-reaction from your actions, two other people you know get arrested, then it’s probably time to figure out why you’re the toxic element in everyone’s lives.

According to a police report, on Monday evening, Nikole Julia Amaral, 24, of Newport was at home when two women, one a neighbor, knocked on her door to tell her that her 3-year-old son was outside unsupervised and had unleashed one of the women’s dog.

Naturally, Nikole Amaral responded by becoming angry and starting a fight. This is when everything starts to go downhill.

According to Newport Patch, police were called and Amaral was arrested and charged with simple assault and battery. The police, now in a situation where they’re arresting a mother who has three young children in the house, asked Amaral who would be able to watch them. She answered that her step-father, Kevin P. Robbins, 41, could watch them. Unfortunately, this suggestion was not as productive as hoped, as the police on the scene determined that Mr. Poppins had numerous bench warrants from the Second and Third District Courts and as such, his assistance was required to help fill a cell at the Newport police station.

Arrested (The First Time)

So police called Amaral’s baby-daddies and had them pick their kids up. Nikole Amaral was booked and then released. She got out and immediately went to the Facebook. Not to delete her account but to launch a tirade:



Yeah, that stint spent getting booked at the station hadn’t calmed Amaral down much. In fact, it might have just made her angrier, because not only was she wishing the mothers who watched her get arrest had their children raped, she got herself a weapon.


Witnesses called police around 9 p.m., saying she was armed with a knife and chasing a man, later identified as James Bartlett, the biological father of two of Amaral’s children.

They described her as running outside and attempting to smash his lawn mower. Then, she allegedly used the knife to stab at his vehicle’s tires. He drove away, however.

Bartlett told police he was unharmed and did not want to press charges against her.

Police later issued a warrant for James Bartlett on a domestic disorderly charge, after determining that he’d attempted to break into Amaral’s apartment by pulling out the window-mounted air conditioner, entered the apartment and took a baseball bat to an aquarium, the remains of which were found in a dumpster outside.

The Patch article didn’t spell out what charges Amaral was arrested for the second time, but we’re guessing is has something to do with getting all knify.

Good Parenting

Now, we don’t know a lot about parenting in general, but as it seems to have been a topic of discussion on the night in question, so we figure that a base for good parenting would probably be to avoid doing anything described in this story in any way.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Police Correspondent

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