One Colorado Brewery Is Gunning For Guinness This St. Patrick’s Day

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Left Hand Brewing has returned to Rhode Island with their Milk Stout Nitro.

Left Hand Milt StoutThe last few years have been an exciting but tumultuous time for Rhode Island craft beer drinkers. As national demand spiked a few years back, a few nationally-known breweries ended up cutting Rhode Island out of their distribution. Breweries like Dogfish Head and Weyerbacher left Rhode Island’s liquor store shelves and bar taps…which really kind of sucked.

Fortunately, most of them have returned. One that left was Colorado’s Left Hand Brewing, who did something really interesting since leaving. They created a means to put nitrogen into bottles.

Now, for the uninitiated, your eyes might be rolling into the back of your head as you try to claw together what remains in your brain housing group of high school chemistry, but it’s not that complicated. The easiest and most familiar example of this process is something that most of you have seen pretty regularly, especially if you’ve ever set foot in an Irish pub. The most recognizable feature of Guinness stout is its smooth, thick, creamy head, which is the result of the beer being, for lack of of better term “carbonated” with nitrogen…or more specifically, a nitrogen-CO² mix.

At a bar, that mix is added through the tap system. In Guinness cans, it’s added by a widget that pops when you crack the can open. In their bottles, the nitrogen is released by a mechanism that opens when the bottle is tilted. Interestingly enough, Guinness tells its customers that if they’re going to pour their beer into a glass (which anyone with the slightest bit of beer knowledge knows is the correct vessel for pretty much any brew)…then they should skip the bottle and just use the cans.


Pour Hard

Well, Left Hand has its own proprietary method of infusing its beers with nitrogen and the way the recommend getting it right is to “Pour Hard”. Just flip the bottle upside down and it’s do the rest itself.

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This beer is quite a bit stronger than Guinness both in alcohol(6.5% ABV vs 4.2% ABV) and taste, with hints of mocha, vanilla and chocolate but it retains the nitro smoothness we’ve come to expect from Ireland’s dark export. We haven’t tried a Colorado Car Bomb…but it’s now on the list.

Pick it up in the bottle from Bridge Liquors and other fine liquor stores…or try it on draught at Malt.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Beer Correspondent

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