One Thing Newport Grand Might Not Have Considered About A Move To Tiverton…

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New research could have a bearing on Twin River’s plan.

Twin River’s announcement that it plans to move Newport Grand from its Newport location to a plot of land in Tiverton abutting Fall River has released a torrent of opinion from…well, everyone.

The mayors of New Bedford and Fall River are, unexpectedly, opposed to the idea of a Rhode Island casino getting revenues from their citizens while making the construction of a South Coast casino far less likely. New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell told WJAR10 that he thinks that the Tiverton proposal is simply a bluff designed to screw things up in Massachusetts.

“The Tiverton proposal tends to throw a monkey wrench, or would tend to throw a monkey wrench, that is to say, for a casino here in southeastern Massachusetts,” the mayor said. “What they’ve done is try during the licensing process here in Massachusetts to throw up a red flag, to cause folks, including the gaming commission, to wonder whether it makes sense to license a casino here in southeastern Massachusetts.”

Twin River denies that their plan has any Machiavellian nature and is simply a good natured attempt to reach out to the voters of Tiverton to discuss locating having a casino in their town (as close to any proposed South Coast casinos as geographically possible).

Twin River chairman John Taylor said that wasn’t even part of the consideration and that his announcement was not timed to coincide with the Massachusetts licensing process.

He told NBC 10 News in response to a question, “No. We are just trying to get the conversation started with Tiverton voters.”

He then touched the tip of his pinky to the corner of his mouth and grinned.

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(JK, we can’t back that up.)

A New Study on Gambling

Meanwhile, Australian researchers have just published an interesting study which could have a bearing on the revenue the proposed Tiverton casino could bring in for Twin River and the State of Rhode Island.

When it comes to advertising, sex sells.

But while many companies use attractive members of the opposite sex to sell their wares, little is known about how images of the same sex affect the behaviour of heterosexuals.

To put this to the test, researchers asked straight men and women to look at images of same-sex people before they took financial gambles.

And they discovered that men are bigger risk takers when faced with an attractive male, especially if they think they earn less than him.

So in order for the casino to maximize its possible revenue, it needs to have a lot of well-heeled studs hanging around the joint, getting into all the patsies’ heads. We’ve decided to crowd-source where there are more attractive men from you, our audience:

Where are there more attractive, wealthy men?

Newport, RI
400 feet from the Fall River border in Tiverton

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Of course, it’s only a 20-25 minute drive from Newport to the proposed Tiverton location, so it wouldn’t be impossible for Twin River to draw in good-looking guys who look like they have money. Hell, they could just hire some male models, put them in Brooks Brothers suits and have them sit at the blackjack tables to chat with fat guys’ wives.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Science Correspondent

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