If You Want To See TJ Miller In Newport This Weekend, There’s Only One Chance Left!!!

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Don’t wait or you’re going to miss it! Don’t take your time picking up tickets to the Rogue Island Comedy Festival!

It seems like only yesterday that we were sharing the news that superstar comedian TJ Miller would be appearing for two shows on the Sunday night of the the Rogue Island Comedy Festival. Back in July, the festival seemed very far away. This week, it is very much upon us. Comedians are about to start descending into Newport like it’s a Columbus Day pilgrimage. This means that if you want to catch a show, you need to grab your tickets ASAP. TJ Miller’s 7pm show on Sunday has already sold out, so the 9:30pm show is your only shot to catch one of the biggest names in comedy.


Now while TJ Miller might be the headliner of headliners at this festival, there are a whole lot of other great shows to be had!

Rogue Island Comedy Festival 2017 Newport, RI

If you want to learn more about the huge range of comedians who will be appearing and get tickets to some of the fourteen¬†(well…now thirteen) different shows, then check out the Rogue Island Comedy Festival website! These guys will definitely have you literally LOLing and there’s a good chance of ROFLing and a distinct possibility of¬†ROTFLMAOing.

This festival will definitely be the funniest thing associated with Christopher Columbus since…well, last week’s South Park episode.

See you there!

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Comedy Correspondent

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