Online Petition: Create An ‘Unfollow Until November 9th’ Button

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We’ve created a petition for Facebook to create a way to temporarily unfollow your more politically obnoxious friends.

We think everyone can agree that it’s been an incredibly long and irritating election cycle. If you haven’t unfriended a few friends from “across the aisle”, you definitely know someone who has. The thing is, this election is going to end and one day we’re all going to look back and wonder why, given the two most unliked candidates in American history, we would destroy the real friendships we have in our own lives over them.

We think we have found a very workable solution that Facebook could implement in short order. An Unfollow until November 9th button would allow Facebook users to continue to go on Facebook without seeing all the biased, fake or conspiracy-laden posts of our more politically-paranoid friends. The best thing is after the election is over and we’re in the new “normal” everyone comes back and we can all live happily ever after. So join us and sign this petition. Then share it with your friends.

Help us make Facebook great again!

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Facebook Correspondent

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