Our Three Favorite Newport, RI Craft Cocktail Bars

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The Revolving Door

revolving door 50 shades of earl grey

50 Shades of Earl Grey – Thomas Tew Rum, Smoked Earl Grey Tea, Wintergreen Bitters and Honey

When it comes to “best bartender”, people have a variety of subjective criteria that they are looking for. Looks, personality, speed, the ability to spin a good yarn, free drinks…people look for all sorts of things from their favorite body behind the bar.

When it comes to mixology, the art and science of making drinks, the criteria gets a little more strict. It’s no longer about sports talk or flirtation, but simply the creation of a beverage, from its invention through it’s creation.

Jason Kindness is the best mixologist on the island. We usually prefer to make a hedge on a comment like that, but we just don’t know anyone who pushes the cocktail envelope so well and so consistently. Most bars change their signature drink menus 2-4 times a year. Jason introduces new cocktails to the menu every time there’s a new guest chef at the Revolving Door (10-12 times a year).

He’s not only an excellent mixologist, he’s also an excellent instructor, passing on tips and recipes to fellow bartenders and teaching his own Mixology 101 class. Not only did Jason win the first season of Cocktail Wars, his protege Ryan Kennedy took second.

The Dominican Sidecar

The Dominican Sidecar

The Fog Cutter

The Fog Cutter

If you really want to see a master craftsman at work, Revolving Door is where to be.

See you there.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Beverage Correspondent

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