Our Top Ten Stories Of 2015

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The last year has been a crazy one in Newport, RI.

2015 ran the gamut and it’s interesting to see what stories our readers took a liking to. Oddly enough, most of our big stories came in at the beginning and end of the year (probably because it’s cold and slow and no one has anything better to do than play on their iPads.

Anyhow, here are the biggest stories of the year…

10. What’s Going To Happen To The Newport Tower On January 4th?

9. WHY Thames Street Kitchen Is Closing

8. Do You Know These Shoplifters Caught On Tape At Bridge Liquors?

7. 5 Worst Places To Have A Threesome In Newport, RI

6. Ten Spots To Hit During Newport Restaurant Week

5. Five Ways The Patriots Were Obviously Cheating Against The Steelers

4. What Happened UNDER The WJAR 10 Newsdesk Got An Anchor Suspended

3. TOPLESS!!! One Pelham East Is To Become Newport, RI’s One And Only Strip Club (NSFW) – retired

2. Gronk Texting Edelman A Happy Hanukkah Is Holiday Magic

1. Boston Protesters Discover Dishing It Out Is A Lot Easier Than Taking It

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