Our World Famous Winter Storm Jonas Video!

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Newport, RI is always a beautiful place, but most people don’t get to see the sites in the middle of a snowstorm.

Weather events are always an interesting local reporting experience. In the case of big storms like hurricanes and blizzards, there’s the mention about a week out that we might get hit. Then, a few days later, it gets determined that we’ll probably get hit. Then, with maybe 48 hours to go, it dawns on everyone that we will get hit and everyone runs to Stop & Shop and clears out all their milk and bread.

After all the parking ban and closing announcements, there’s typically not really much to say, especially in a snowstorm. The narrative is kind of locked into “It’s going to snow” followed by “It’s snowing” and “It’s still snowing.”

So we didn’t have much to say.

IMG_5255What we could do, however, was show our audience what was happening, so we leapt into the Official Newport Blast Extreme Weather Vehicle and took a cruise around Newport, so everyone could stay inside, drinking hot cocoa by the fire.

So we hit up Bannister’s Wharf, Fort Adams, Castle Hill, the Ocean Drive and 40 Steps. Then we came in from the cold, and made a video. We posted it up on Facebook, where, at the time we’re writing this, it has 37,000 views.

We took a cruise to see what Newport looks like in the snow.

Posted by The Newport Blast on Saturday, January 23, 2016

So that was fun. Unlike last year, most of the snow has decided to melt in the storm’s aftermath, which is a decision we applaud. Last year, snow from Juno was like a party crasher that turned into a squatter…who then invited a whole bunch of other friends to move in for three long, cold months.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Winter Correspondent

Tristan's just this guy, ya know?