Outlaw ATVs & Dirt Bikes Are Turning Providence Streets Into A Mad Max Movie

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We’ve got video taken by gangs of reckless drivers operating illegal ATVs and dirt bikes on Providence highways and city streets.

Nothing tells citizens that the rule of law is breaking down than watching dozens of dirt bikes and ATVs being operated on city streets illegally. An individual Rhode Island resident knows that if they were to take to city streets on a 4-wheeler ATV, they’d get pulled over, charged and the vehicle would be impounded. It should be apparent though that, much like a riot, if enough people are breaking the law at the same time, law enforcement has to let most of those breaking the law escape.

Bikes Up, Guns Down

The movement goes by “Bikes Up, Guns Down” and claims to be a fight against street violence, but seems predicated on eliminating “homicide” as a leading cause of death and replacing it with “riding without a helmet while recklessly operating an unregistered vehicle”. As “Stop the Violence” campaigns, this one seems absurd and just a way to justify stupid behavior.

We just thought we’d give Providence the heads up before the place turns into Miami.

For all the work done to develop, purchase and install license plate readers for police around the state, what good are they with vehicles that aren’t even designed to mount a plate or be driven on public roads?

On the other side, if one looks at comments to these videos, why is “You don’t understand, you’re not from the street!” used to justify outrageous and dangerous behavior? Most guys who want to showboat on public streets at least do so in vehicles that are plausibly legal. They’ll drive an illegally imported 20 year old Skyline smuggled out of Japan into Canada and then slipped through the border…not an open wheel race car that any and every law enforcement officer knows is illegal at a range of 500 yards.

Doing wheelies on 4-wheelers on city streets in Providence or wherever is just dumb. We have enough of a problem with idiots driving 100+ mph and almost killing themselves in perfectly safe, normal vehicles. We’re not living in post-apocalyptic Australia and we doubt most ┬áProvidence residents are interested in living in a Mad Max movie.

Then again Providence does have a state rep who openly advocates for people mugging pizza delivery drivers, so perhaps a chunk of the voters are into all this lawlessness.

(H/T John DePetro)

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Driving Correspondent

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