Pawsox To Move To Newport’s Cardines Field

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Frustrated with the red tape and obstruction of their plans to move to Providence, the owners of the Pawtucket Red Sox will become the Newport Red Sox in plan to be announced Monday.

Farewell Newport Gulls, hello Newport Red Sox! Newport’s Cardines Field is looking at a big revamp this summer with the imminent announcement that the Pawsox are moving to Newport. This is likely the biggest news for Newport baseball since the backstop of Cardines was laid in 1908. It’s no secret that the owners of the Pawtucket Red Sox have been unhappy with their location at McCoy Stadium and have been trying to gain taxpayer support for a move to Providence, With this new move, it’s clear that they’ve given up on that approach and are turning to Newport as their new home.

Why would the Pawsox downsize?

It would be apparent at this point that the current Pawsox ownership is looking to increase revenue, which, at first glance, would be hard to do when moving from 10,000 seat McCoy Stadium to 3000 seat Cardines Field. Well, there are changes coming. The biggest will be two massive seating sections that will be added over Americas Cup Ave and Marlborough Street. Once that plan is executed, visitors entering downtown Newport will basically be driving through a tunnel once they get to the Gateway Center bus station and they won’t exit it until they’re at the Marriott. This stadium expansion will increase capacity by a planned 9000 seats and ticket prices in Newport are expected to be able to be sold for twice what they went for in Pawtucket.

What will happen to the Newport Gulls?

Newport Gulls fans (and players) are probably wondering what will become of the team that Newport locals and visitors have come to adore over the years. Well, they get McCoy stadium. We’re sure that it’s a bit of a shock to learn that they’ll be living and playing up in Pawtucket but Pawsox ownership assured us that they’ll love it up there and not want to get out of town anywhere near as much as the Pawsox have wanted to.

Some even bigger news…

You’re not going to believe this…

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