The Most Perverted Boat Names In Rhode Island?

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There’s nothing like a dirty name to let everyone know why your yacht’s a’rockin’.

Men have long realized that in order to attract women, it helps to have something expensive and unnecessary. Nothing fit’s the bill quite like a luxury motor yacht. It’s one of those strange things where if you invite people to party in your 10′ x 20′ room on land, it’s “a sh***y apartment” or “a walk-in closet”, but when you have a 10′ x 20′ room that floats, it’s suddenly “luxury” and “living the good life” which = sexy.

So guys with money buy themselves boats so they can have a spot on the water they can get their junk wet. Some are a bit more blunt about it than others. Whether they’re playing the field or looking for that second wife, there’s nothing like a boat’s name to set the agenda.

Dirty Boat Name Venn Diagram

There’s a scene in Andrew Dice Clay’s movie The Adventures of Ford Fairlane where Ford is walking down the docks, while he narrates the situation.

When Don Cleveland told me Johnny had a boat on the Delta Marina, I forgot to ask the name of it. I had a feelin’ Johnny had been hiding from someone so the name of the boat would be somethin’ different from his personality…well, maybe not.

Mighty Penis

Newport has one rather famous boat that fits this category. Well, “famous” as in Reddit-famous. There is, however, some confusion about it’s actual name.

tittie trap

Is it the Tittie Trap? Titty Trap? Booby Trap?

However it’s pronounced, how would you ladies like to flash some nipples in order to get aboard?

Obviously, that’s really just a joke (unless the answer is yes). At the same time, it’s probably clear that wherever the friendzone exists, it’s not aboard this vessel.

That said, this is PG-13 teenage sex comedy hijinks compared to the name of the boat involved in a Providence drug bust last month…

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