Pokemon Provokes Portsmouth Pileup

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Has Pokemon Go finally caused its first local accident?

Or, more accurately, two juvenile Darwin Award runner-ups who decided to cross East Main Road while staring at their phones caused a four car pile-up last Thursday around 4:30 pm. While no one was injured, one car was disabled in the accident. This took place on East Main Road near Freeborn Street, also known to Portsmouth residents as “the place where all the accidents happen”.

Portsmouth Patch reported on the chain of events:

The juveniles entering the crosswalk caused the first driver, identified by police as a Portsmouth woman in her 70s, to stop abruptly to avoid hitting them.

That caused a second car, driven by a 36-year-old Fall River, Massachusetts, man, to crash into the first car. A 47-year-old Rehoboth, Massachusetts, man then crashed into the second car, and a fourth car, driven by a 37-year-old Tiverton man crashed into the third.

How do we know Pokemon played a role?

Police said a bystander, who wanted to remain anonymous, told police that the two pedestrians were juveniles who were playing Pokémon Go.

So now this story has a Deep Throat? No one else was identified but the person blaming it all on Pokemon wants to remain anonymous? Are they afraid of Big Niantic? Have they shorted the stock? What’s their real motive?

Anyway, for all those Pokemon Go players out there, remember the first rule of Pokemon Go:

Pokemon Go Warning

Also, don’t play in traffic.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Pokemon Correspondent

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