You’ll Never Guess Which Newport Establishment Is Turning 10 This Week

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BTW, they’re holding a party and you’re invited.

Considering their name is synonymous with “bad decisions”, it may be a surprise to some that they’ve made it this far, let alone flourished.

In Newport bar years, 2006 is such a long time ago, especially on Broadway. It was a time of Cafe 200, Pop, Tucker’s, The Colonial and…we’re guessing One-Eighty.

It was on May 12th of that year that Hank Whitin opened one of the more colorfully named bars in Newport history.

Pour Judgement

Suddenly, there was a bar that people would trek up to Broadway to hang out at. In theory, $5 would get you beer and a burger (though, to be honest, we always upgraded our beer selection, so never payed less than $6.) If you’ve been a long time regular at Pour Judgement, you might even remember when they had a pool table (and small CRT TVs).

Pour Judgment Newport, RI bar 2009

Photo Credit: Robert Coe

A Birthday Party

On Thursday, May 12, 2016, Pour Judgement will be celebrating its 10th birthday.

There will be live music, birthday cake goodness, the opening of inappropriate gifts and other activities which would be straight illegal for any other 10 year old.

Then 7-9, DuClaw Brewing, who have just arrived in Rhode Island, will be offering a few of their beers, including the Sweet Baby Jesus, a peanut butter porter which everyone says tastes so much like Reece’s Pieces that you wouldn’t be surprised if E.T. made an appearance.

See you there.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Birthday Correspondent

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