Pour Judgement Introduces The Ultimate In St. Patrick’s Day Attire

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What you’ll want to be wearing to Newport’s parade on Saturday.

Just in time for Newport’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Pour Judgement Bar & Grille has received its shipment of Parade Day clothing, including one item that you’re really going to like.

First, there are the obligatory t-shirts. Available in green with white lettering…or the exact opposite, they’re available for purchase at the bar for $20. Supplies are limited so you want to get ’em sooner rather than later.

Now, here’s the exciting news. Introducing…

The Pour Judgment St. Patrick’s Day Thong

Pour Judgement St Patricks Day Thong

Perfect for every occasion, but especially perfect for Parade Day, nothing says I’m ready to eat, drink and be merry quite like these delicates.

Pour Judgement bartender Swaze Armstrong has really lost a lot of weight since he started a little diet at the start of the year, so we felt it was only appropriate to give him the opportunity to slip into something a little more comfortable model one for us.

Swayze Modelling

Can’t see the line, can you, Russ.

Swaze described the experience as refreshing and something he’d like to try again.

Now, you’re probably thinking about how completely awesome it would be to wear this underwear everywhere you go, but also thinking how hard it is to use this item of clothing to express to the world what an amazing and interesting individual you actually are. After all it is underwear and skirts only get so short.

Fortunately, another PJ’s bartender, Rebecca Kerwin, has found a solution to your fashion situation:

Becky Pour Judgement Thong

Wear them Superman-style.

We can see this becoming a bigger Newport trend than the hoodie and the great thing is that they only cost the price of a beer and a burger at a mere $10.

So head on down to 32 Broadway and get yourself decked out for The Parade. We hear it’s a good time.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Panty Correspondent

Tristan's just this guy, ya know?