Pour Judgement Is Raffling Off A WHAT?

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A Newport startup has the coolest new toy in town and you can win it.

Aquidneck Island has a long history of technological innovation, but if you weren’t the United States Navy or in the market for a luxury yacht, chances are you weren’t in a position to reap the benefits of that R&D. The Flatworks are about to change that with a go-cart design built primarily from…wood.

In true startup fashion, this company has a Kickstarter going to help them get what have until recently been a small series of prototypes of the PlyFly Go-Cart into actual production at their Newport facility. As this is being published, they have raised $33,288 of their $36,000 goal with 18 days to go.

Well, Pour Judgement is giving Flatworks a little push by raffling off a fully operational 4hp PlyFly Go-Kart engraved with the Pour Judgement logo and signed by PJ’s owner, Hank Whitin himself. Raffle tickets go for $10 a pop.

If you’re watching the parade, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of this greased lightning. It’s going to look a bit like this…

Swaze_on_the_Pour_Judgement_PlyFly_Go_Cart 1


…except it will be on the road…and we’re not sure they’re going to let Swaze drive it.

The winner will be announced at a Flatworks event at Pour Judgement in a couple weeks, though the date is TBD.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Karting Correspondent

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