Pour Judgement: Where The Newport Bar’s Name Came From

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The short answer: Jeremy Ewing-Chow.

On a recent post about Pour Judgement’s tenth anniversary/birthday, a reader asked where the name of the Newport, RI bar came from. We asked PJ’s co-owner Hank Whitin and he filled us in on “Pour Judgement”‘s origin story.

Flash back to early 2006. Hank was in the process of putting together the business deal which would put him and his partners in ownership of a bar, soon to be known as “_____” because Hank hadn’t come up with a name yet. Because he didn’t hadn’t yet added¬†the title “successful bar owner” as his resume, Hank was bartending at the Cheeky Monkey (now “Christies”) and he was living with a English-Chinese guy named Jeremy Ewing-Chow.

Jeremy Ewing-Chow was suffering from some kind of serious ailment. We’ve forgotten what Hank said it was…but we do remember cringing when we heard it. This meant Ewing-Chow was essentially bedridden for a few weeks.

Well, Hank comes back from work with his friend Jenna. Before they went in, Hank “whispered” (in that way drunks do where they manage to wake up half the neighborhood) how his roommate is sick and they have to keep it down. They then proceeded to drink and hang out employing “stealth”, much like a cattle stampeding on their tippy-toes.

The next morning, Jeremy Ewing-Chow came out of his room to critique Hank’s ability to drink quietly and his mental capacity to determine the correct path to follow in a given situation.


Everyone stopped and looked at each other. “Pour?”

Hank Whitin idea

And thus, Pour Judgement was born. Jeremy Ewing-Chow takes credit for it to this day and Hank lets him, because it only seems fair.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Drunken History Correspondent

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