Pour Judgement Is Riding Bikes…Across America!!!

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In this week’s episode, Hank Whitin and the gang announce “Bikes and Beers Across America” to fight Multiple Sclerosis.

Pour Judgement owner Hank Whitin has announced that he’s going to celebrate his 50th birthday with a bike ride. A veteran cyclist, Hank has decided to go big with a ride that will start in Astoria, Oregon and finish at Pour Judgement roughly six weeks later. A veteran beer drinker, Hank and his gang will also be stopping at a few breweries on the way.

This will be Hank’s second time riding across the country. The first was way back in 1990, so our intrepid bar owner has been doing some intense bicycle training to knock the rust off.

Bikes and Beers Across America

This trip will be more than just a bike ride. Hank has founded Bikes and Beers Across America and enlisted a gang of fellow riders, a couple talkative drivers(including his business partner) and one guy who’s going to hang back here and watch the dogs. You really want to read their bios here.

Not only is this going to be an 3,836 mile adventure, it’s also going to be a fundraiser for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, to help fight the disease that Whitin’s grandmother suffered from.

It is hoped that Bikes And Beers Across America will be able to raise $100,000 through different events and a GoFundMe campaign.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Bike Correspondent

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