Power Outages Blanket Rhode Island During Winter Storm

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Heavy, wet snow and high winds leave thousands without power.

Winter storm Niko has arrived in Rhode Island and is making quite a mess of things. Warm temperatures kept much of the precipitation liquid long after snow was predicted. There were plenty of people mocking the rain at 10am, right before everything switched to heavy, wind-blown snow.

It’s those conditions that are to blame for thousands of National Grid customers without power as of 2:25pm. According to the utility’s website, there are 165 power outages in the Rhode Island area leaving 18,958 customers without power.

Temperatures have dropped well into the 20s, meaning that the snow coming down now will be less dense than what was coming down earlier, but the freezing temperatures mean that a lot of trees and overhead wires are coated with ice and experiencing 25 mph winds.

Make sure to keep your phones charged so you have some means of entertaining yourselves if you lose power. If a half-day of cabin fever has proven too much for you, you can always venture out to Newport’s blizzard-proof (or at least resistant) venues.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Snow Correspondent

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