Range Rover-Driving Grinchess Caught Stealing Wreaths (Video)

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It’s not Christmas until someone destroys your faith in humanity on camera.

If there’s one quintessentially Newport vehicle out there, it’s the Range Rover. They’ve got that rugged, outdoorsy, off-roader look that says “I do interesting, exciting things!” while simultaneously shouting “I have enough money not to worry about what Consumer Reports says about reliability.”

However, an old Range Rover generally says “Desperately trying to put forth a image of wealth far beyond my means”. This is because (Unreliability + expensive repair bills = Massive depreciation). You can buy a decade-old Range Rover for maybe $5k, but you’re also going to have to spend that each year if you actually want to drive it. A woman in Sherborn, Massachusetts apparently discovered that she couldn’t afford both car maintenance and festive Christmas decorations this year, so she decided to go to the Sunshine Farm after hours Thursday night and simply steal a few hundred dollars worth of wreaths and holiday decorations. In the unlikely event that her luxury SUV doesn’t require expensive maintenance, she could just be a very, very bad person.

Unfortunately for the yuletide bandit, she underestimated the power of social media. Sunshine Farm utilized the power of Facebook by posting two videos of…videos of the thief caught by their security cameras. Even though the thief concealed her appearance, enough people were able to work out the last time they’d seen a turn-of-the-century Range Rover on the road and alert Sherborn police, who have identified the suspect and will be issuing her a court summons.

We took the opportunity to add a little soundtrack to the security videos. Hope you enjoy.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Automotive Correspondent



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