The Real Reason Your Food Takes So Long At A Restaurant (Video)

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If you think time you spend waiting for at a restaurant is personal, you’re right.

Much like fisherman and their war with the sea, restaurant staffs spend their careers in a passive-aggressive war with bad customers. The list of possible slights is a long one. Some, you (the customers) might not realize that you’re making.

Others (most, really) are pretty obvious. Make no mistake, the offenses are being tallied and someone, somewhere (most likely the chef) is deciding on a sentence.

At least, that’s how restaurants are portrayed in this video from Above Average.

Our favorite part of this video is when the chef pulls up “Anti-Yelp” a website where restaurants can see what other restaurants rated their customers, a concept which wouldn’t take a lot to get funded. You just have to ask every server in the country for $5 and they’ll jump at the opportunity.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Industry Correspondent

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