Do You Recognize This CVS Shoplifter?

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Newport Police are on the lookout for a woman suspected of stealing from the Broadway pharmacy.

Earlier today, the Newport Police Department turned to social media for help identifying this woman. She is suspected of shoplifting from the CVS pharmacy located at 289 Broadway. If you think you know who the female in the photograph below is, please call Detective Eric Geoghegan at 401-845-5779 or [email protected].

Newport police CVS shoplifter suspect

Once again, we’re forced to wonder why, in a world where pretty much every retail business is filled to the gills with surveillance equipment and social media like Facebook exists, why anyone would risk the embarrassment of getting caught on video, then having those images shown all over their friends’ and maybe family’s phones, tablets and computers  is beyond us.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Security Correspondent

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